Okay, first link, THIS is why I am seriously fuckin’ glad I’m not working in a call centre these days. Although to be honest, this lady is SO over the top with her vitrol that it was probably an entertaining highlight of this telemarketer’s day. And yeah, most calls are recorded, so if you’re yelling at some anonymous caller, it just might find it’s way onto the internet somehow.

www.penisland.com is NOT a land of penises, in case you were going to plan a trip there, nor is it a porn site. It’s a badly thought out url for Pen Island, a store focusing on pens. For more bad urls from legit companies, check this out.

ART CAN KILL YOU! By now you must have heard of the inflatable sculpture Dreamscapes, about the size of a football pitch with interiors to walk through, it bust through it’s moorings and floated forty meters, killing two people and wounding others.

This week a group of brave adventurers are trooping out to see the St. Louis Ghost Train! I’ve never seen it before, but you can be sure I will write about my experience. Some say it is just car headlights, but I know people who have been chased by the light far beyond the bounds of the railbed.

If Hitler reincarnated, could he be a kitty cat? Check out these Cats That Look Like Hitler.

And finally, if you grew up watching NFB animated shorts, you’re in for a treat! The NFB has uploaded FIFTY(!) shorts onto it’s website. Click on Large Format if you have broadband. I recommend “The Owl That Married A Goose” and the all time classic “The Big Snit.” So come shake yer eyes at this!

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