No Grandkittens for You

Schrodinger is back from the vet sans testicles. I feel sorry forhim, he looks like he shaved his pubes and he’s running around the basement crying. He’s segregated from the other animals because they kept putting their noses into his bum. I hear him stomping around now. I will never have grandkittens now. And it kind of makes me sadbecause he’s so pretty, along with being a purry cuddly sweetheart(even though he was an asshole as a kitten and people actuallypredicted he would commit matricide).

I don’t really have much to write about, so I’m going to do one ofthose bouncy around link things. First off, I never thought I would be this impressed by a condom. Pronto is the fastest condom to put on and is made in South Africa. Really, you just have to watch the video. I warn you, it gets mesmerising, especially if you watch it over and over. It’s like, the perfect thing for back alley tricks, airplane bathrooms, etc. They still need to perfect a stealth condom for sex workers who get paid more for bareback oral. Obviously something like that can’t make a cracking sound.

I guess everyone has heard about Michael Richard’s racist explosion of monumental proportions. For anyone trying to find some good excuses for Kramer, check this shit out.”>src\u003d”“type\u003d”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode\u003d”transparent” width\u003d”425″height\u003d”350″>

Now check out his more subdued apology when he realizes he killed his career by being a white supremacist.″>″type\u003d”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode\u003d”transparent” width\u003d”425″height\u003d”350″>

I actually laughed watching this, because I thought of all kinds of people being taken to task on their blind hatred of various groups of humans and acting like this. I mean, imagine Hitler apologizing onthe Late Show. “I’ll try to contain that rage I feel towards millions of people I killed.” Or Bush “I’m sorry that my hatred for Muslims lead me to destroy all hope of peace in the Middle East, obviously I’m not doing too well and there are things I need to work on.”

OMG! Someone sent me an email saying I cumm very quickly and without ANY control!!! The cheek! It sounds like I’m running around spurting on everything! Okay, any of my readers, do I look like the kind ofperson who runs around cumming without control? How can anyone live like that?

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