My Paparazzi Boycott

I’m starting a paparazzi boycott. I’ve hated them since they killed Princess Di (I’m a bit of a Monarchist) and now they’re harrassing Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton. Already the Prince has pressured papers to stop running paparazzi photos and a few have actually agreed. I think any paparrazi harassment is unacceptable though, for anyone, from royalty to movie stars. I know we ignore it because they’re rich, but I still think it’s sick. So, yes, my paparazzi boycott. It’s going to be hard to follow, but basically I’m not going to watch t.v. programming which uses paparazzi clips, and I’m not buying any magazines or newspapers that feature paparazzi photos. It would be nice if other people did it, but whatever, I just want to have some integrity. It does nothing to decry the attitude of paparazzi and at the same time serve as the market for their photos. I can live without seeing a duchess getting her toes sucked, it really won’t impact my life. And besides, famous people look better when they’re on the red carpet, not when they’re distracted and eating a gyro and giving the finger and accidentally showing pink bits.

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