This is not the Church of my people!

Wow, that last post was the hardest post I’ve ever written!!!! But really, I don’t want to come across as little miss perfect smarty pants who got fucked over, even if that is true some of the time. People have faults, perfection is near impossible, but as long as we can learn to practice love then we just might survive this funny planet. And I am trying to love the people who hurt me, because some of them didn’t know they were being violent. That’s a terrible excuse though, but, ehhn! I just think cycles of abuse need to stop, and people need to accept differences. That’s not so radical is it?

But enough heavy things for today.

Schrodinger went to his birthday party yesterday and met his two sisters George and Alex again. I think we all wondered if they would remember each other at all. Nope. They huffed and hissed and ran away from each other. And then we all ate an unusual gourmet cake made of salmon and cous cous, which the cats ate too. It was very cute, even though Schrodinger ended up under a cabinet and the other cats ended up guarding their food cupboard. Kitties are funny.

As much as I’m talking about my past here these days, I’m actually thinking more about my future. When I saw this amazing psychic in January she told me I had, more than other people, the ability to create my own future the way I liked. And apparently good things are going to happen, although sometimes they will look near impossible. I keep hearing people run around talking about The Secret from Oprah, something about if you think positively good things will come. I don’t know, I think sometimes you have to get through a lot of negative before the positive thoughts start showing up. But maybe that is just my process. Not that I want negative things to happen to me.

I’m starting to get my sense of humour back, strangely enough, although it’s not coming through in my blog yet. I don’t really want to become super serious to the point that things aren’t funny anymore. Lots of things in this world are perfectly hilarious. Margaret Cho is serious AND hilarious, and so is Kurt Vonnegut. I remember reading some psychologist thought that humour is really just an avoidance technique and that laughing is some kind of denial mechanism. That’s really funny! I would hate to try and tell jokes to that psychologist.

Anyway, enough of me, here’s some humour to lighten your day.

Margaret Cho is reminded that she’s Asian

Eddie Izzard talks about the Church of England (Known in Canada as the Anglican Church, and oddly enough the one I attend at Christmas and Easter.)

A funny thing about the Anglican church is that some of my family are in that particular branch of Christianity and so it’s the one I got used to. I tried to find some gay christian groups in Vancouver to worship with but I ended up with some Baptists and I’m sad to say I didn’t appreciate the service. Why, I don’t know, I thought they were too damned happy for church! LOL.

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