Beer guzzlers and scrumpers from the Betelgeuse system

I was talking to one of my best friends just now, the one who saw the UFO/Wormhole thing with me (see October). She was telling me a story about someone who got abducted in a movie she saw based on a true story and was freaking me out. Then she asked where my mom was. I’d just heard my mom come in so I said “She was at work but she came home.” Then I heard her crack open a beer “She just cracked open a beer.”

“Are you sure it’s your mom?” She was really freaked out.

“Oh honestly, do you think aliens walk into the house, say hello to the dogs, and crack open a beer?”

“Just wait, now one’s going to show up in the basement and say ‘wazzup’!”

Really though, that is just being silly.

Once I had a strange conversation with a friend’s boyfriend about what would constitute illicit drugs for an extraterrestrial and he said “Maybe they go scrumping.” Would explain why there’s so many UFO sightings in Interior BC.

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