The Burninators Club

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I forgot to mention, when I was burning my stuff and setting off fireworks I made this prototype for my take on the fireworks classic The Burning Schoolhouse and made the Burning Psych Ward. It’s just a box with paper, some windows glued on and an open door, and where the Chimney is there’s a fountain firework. But it didn’t burn the way I was hoping it would, it just burned the roof off. I think I will use firecrackers next time and a secondary fountain or flare.

I’m trying to find healthy/creative ways to let out my darkside in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m toying with the idea of ethical pyromania, where things are made just to burn and in a safe way. I would call it The Burninators Club and it would meet once a month in a secluded location. There are a lot of ceremonies set up by societies to burn things in nice ways, not like book burning or burning at the stake kind of crap. Look at Burning Man. Anyway, yes, that’s one of my ideas for being ethically dark. I don’t really see darkness as a bad force, if it’s not attacking other people or animals. I think there is such a thing as benign darkness, or neutral darkness. That probably sounds really weird. I guess what I mean is that things can be balanced, and in trying to be a decent person you don’t have to try to divide yourself up to behave kindly.

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  1. Do you know, I think that the roof burning off was kind of the right way for it to go? Blasting the lid off an institution, letting out what goes on inside without any harm (or further harm) to the occupants. I too am extricating myself from the chains of medication (well, coming to terms with how hard it’s going to be) and coping with the fallout of two years of very, very bad treatment. I don’t comment much here, but I do read you lots. It just depends on my concentration as to whether I can respond. But I’m with you.

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