Okay, I have to talk about demons just because I know it’s a word being bandied about a lot. And that’s the last ace up the sleeve of corrupt spiritual individuals, a number of them have been passing on “demonic” beings through the ages, but demonic is kind of a harsh word. I think it inspires too much fear. How about we call them lower level spirit forms. I don’t mind talking about this either because I’ve seen them at work and they tend to be really enslaved confused spirits who lack a certain spark.

The thing however is that the knowledge around the particular spirits used by corrupt individuals is that they’re holding limited knowledge, because like anything you come across in the world you have to look at it critically, and it’s the same with encountering spirits. Some spirits are just causing trouble, and some are useful in that they pass on information, and then some were just hanging around a particular site. They’re as diverse as people really. And being on drugs lowers the ability to fight off negative energies, spiritual or otherwise. So that’s why people say you have to be careful with drugs or drinking, because if you do it too much you’ll attract those spirits. And I find that psychiatric medication also lowers spiritual resistance to negativity.

Which you can also call these energies, just balls of negativity that sail around latching onto vulnerable people. I know one house I spent time in recently that had a lot of negative energy was a party house, like an almost all the time party house, and so all kinds of weird stuff walked in. And it’s not necessarily that they’re doing it to freak you out, sometimes it’s just that they were addicted to something when they died and they got confused and kept coming back for it over and over. I know this sounds weird, but it’s true. And then also there is another theory that poltergeist activity is manifested by the people who it surrounds, I don’t know if that’s true, but I have noticed it sometimes follows certain people around.

But yeah, don’t take spiritual advice from an alcoholic ghost. Or a ghost which is just very very bitter about everyone. And I’d stay away from ouija boards too, just because it’s a clumsy and imprecise tool.

I’ve been thinking about this stuff forever by the way, paranormal and spiritual stuff isn’t a new influence in my life. I used to read everything I could get my hands on about ghosts and ask questions about these things when I was a little kid. I am just always one of these people, crazy or not I like gabbing about spirits. It’s the way I have fun.

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