Here in Banff

Well I’m here in Banff for the Interactive Screen 0.7. Last night someone got accidentally hit in the head with a video projector. All I can say is dude, that totally sucks! I’d feel so guilty if I accidentally hit someone in the head with a large heavy object like that. The projector was okay but he still has a headache and some neck pain.

I’m working on my dangerous bird project, I’ve been having issues with it, but I think it finally makes some sense now. It’s not so complicated as I thought it would be. I want to go take some pictures out at Cranberry Flats when I get back to town.

I’m thinking I want to go see the St. Louis Ghost Train when I get back too. I don’t know when. But I went last summer and was disappointed, so I want to go again and see if it makes any sense this time. Anyway, yeah.

My transitioning is weird, I am supposed to wait for myself to stabilize, but I feel pretty stable right now. Hmm. Recovering from a manic episode sucks ass man. I’m glad the rough parts of it are over though.

Anyway, I think I might deek into the dining hall and eat early, so that’s where I’m headed now.

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