Some updates on this and that.

I didn’t win 48 million, but I did get a nice artist fee that paid off most of my debt to my mom. And there’s still the Millionaire Life draw!
I had a burger at the Broadway Cafe with Mum for dinner tonight, it was SO good! And I was SO hungry! I slept all afternoon because I was still tired from last night, Ryan Wonsiak had a goodbye party at Walkers and tons of people were there. It was a lot of fun, until the end when my drunk xxxxx splashed a beer in her xxxx Deanna’s face and it got on me. Deanna splashed back, which I think surprised xxxxx but I was kind of rooting for her to get back at her at that point. Do two wrongs make a right? No, but at least xxxxx had to suffer the indignity of being covered with beer too.
I’m drinking a beer and then I’m going to bed, I am still tired and the Seroquel withdrawals have eased up. I can now go to sleep much easier. I DID get pot to help me sleep, but I don’t think I need it anymore. I’m sleeping good, and waking up nice and early. This afternoon I slept a lot, because I was up really late last night and still had to get home this morning to feed the animals.
I love my animals. Right now the dog is sacked out on his favorite chair and the cat is awol in the house, probably on my bed right now. The dog and I were wrestling earlier, he’s fun to wrestle with. He does his play bow bunches of times and it’s cute.
If you’re reading this on Facebook, it is because I am importing my blog into my notes. No I don’t usually write a lot of notes like this, this is just me blogging as per usual.
Well, it’s almost 11 o’clock, time for bed! I’m liking going to bed early these days, I used to be more of a night owl, but I find going to bed at a set hour better for my bipolar.
So I’m off the seroquel and still doing well, next I’m reducing my antidepressant to get my libido back. I’m really worried about that, because I’ve had a terrible time with depression. But I will still be on it, just half of what I’m taking now. I have to wait to see my shrink before I cut back though.

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