Grubby, but not grubs

It’s high time I had a shower. Since lighting my love candle I have noticed myself taking care of myself better in the hopes it will attract someone more than grubby careless me. But my hot water is off because I couldn’t pay the bill. So I am unable to shower unless I go to Mum’s. And I haven’t been to Mum’s in a couple days.

Grubby me all over again!

When I got out of the hospital the first time I didn’t shower as frequently as I should have. I was so depressed I didn’t have the energy to shower, nor did I see the point.

The other day if you were around my house in the morning you might have seen a chubby half naked lesbian chasing a little orange pussy, and that would have been me. That bad Schrodinger got out and was making a daring escape for it while I was checking the mailbox. He’s done this to me before, which makes me think I should change the way I check my mail. Wearing clothes while doing it would be a good start.

In truth I should get a bathrobe. I used to have one, but it got burnt because it was the bathrobe I wore for 6 weeks straight in the hospital. And it was covered with tobacco stains besides. Pretty gross!

I’m hungry. I’m waiting for my mommy to pick me up so I can have a shower and eat. I slept some this afternoon. Tomorrow I’m working two short shifts, with a doctor’s appointment in the middle.

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