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So whatever. I confess everything online eventually. I mean, well, not EVERYTHING though. It’s all because I was interested in diaries anyone could read. Private thoughts in public space. But now I am 33 and still doing it. But whatever. It’s just my thing. I wonder if I will ever be famous for blogging. It’s taken up a lot of creative time and energy. I need to save a more recent copy too, I will do that after I am done writing this.

Strangely enough I have never gotten into Youtube videoing. Like making videos exclusively for Youtube. I find the comments so fuckin’ rude! What the hell would I do getting that kind of homophobic critique?

Or just anti-Indian.

Anti-whatever part of my identity.

I sometimes miss being a little chubby post-psychosis punk in the Downtown Eastside. Once I made a phone call to my mom from Main and Hastings and some dude was smoking crack right next to me and she asked how I was and I said fine.

Because I was fine really, it wasn’t SO bad, I had friends who looked out for me.

OH! I found out I got my travel grant to go to Berlin for my retrospective! Which is AWESOME! I am excited to see friends there and wander about and experience life there for a short time. I am going longer this time than the last time I went. I know most of my plane ticket will be taken care of, but now I have to do some last minute fundraising to get some more cash to go with, for food and stuff. I have saved some money and I will be getting paid soon. So I just need an emergency supply of cash in case something goes horribly awry, like last time when I lost my passport for a few hours. UGH!

I’m also going to wake up in time for my flights and I will have an iPad with me so I can use wireless in the airports and other places. And I will have a cellphone, but I don’t know if it will be of any use in Germany since it’s a Sasktel Pay as you go Phone. Maybe I could text? I’m not sure, but I will take it anyway.

Ooooh! I have these terrible mosquito bites on my dragon and it is itchy! I hate being itchy!

Oh shit, I have to run. I have to get my bank to fill out my direct deposit form. Fun fun fun! I will be in a long wet lineup.

2 thoughts on “My Life is an Open Blog

  1. Your writing is a type of art that you’re good at. Keep doing it if you like it.
    I agree about avoiding putting a film on YouTube. It’s not an appreciative audience and too full of mean people who’s hobbies seem to be insulting others in childish ways. Vimeo is more mature and higher quality. You might check that out.

    Berlin is neat. You’ll like it. Wayne Yung lives there. Maybe you’ll see him.
    Have curry wurst. It’s trashy fun food.

    You might be able to get a SIM card there and stick it in the phone. They have some different frequencies and some the same as here in Europe. I don’t know which one yours is.
    If you can find wifi networks here and there you could just email people with the iPad. Or there are websites that you can type into and it’ll convert to a text and send it to a phone. You might need to know what the recipient’s cell provider is first though.

  2. Thanks for all the tips Clark! I sure hope to see Wayne Yung when I get there, and lots of other people. For some reason Canadians are really into going to Berlin these last few years, always a ton of my friends end up there!

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