New Bed Day

I’ve been babbling about it since yesterday on Facebook when we went and bought MY NEW BED!!!! It’s queen sized and has a bamboo fibre pillowtop and it’s so cozy. BUT when they delivered it today they couldn’t get the boxspring down the stairs. So tomorrow they are delivering a split boxspring. I hope it’s still comfy. This is the first time I have gotten a bed with a boxspring. BOXSPRING!

I have stalled altogether on my Novella. I don’t know what to write. And I did so well that first day, even though I didn’t meet the minimum number of words I need to write. I was going to write a satire on the new common experience of adults going back to live with their parents in these wintery economic times. But I don’t know how to make it interesting. I kind of just wrote it like it was about me exactly, right down to the mice eating my popcorn.

I just discovered the wonders of Zinc Oxide on a burning butt! I kept going to the bathroom and it was BURNING! So I got saved by Zinc Oxide and Pepto Bismol! Ta Da!

Home remedies are great.

I went to see my psychiatrist today, the wonderous Dr. Conacher, and found out I have lost even more weight. I am down to 187.2 pounds! That’s amazing! I am starting to be able to take off my size 14s without undoing the zipper or button. Which does worry me because I don’t want to go out and buy all new jeans again. I’d like to stay at this weight, and be the girl with the little round tummy. Anyway, Dr. Conacher thinks I am doing so well that I don’t need to see her again until April! 😀 BUT I have to get my bloodwork done, so they know I am not being poisoned by my Epival. And that I haven’t developed diabetes from my antipsychotic.

A girl told me I was cute last Friday when I went out, but of course I was drunk and stupid and just stammered. I don’t know what to do when girls think I am cute! I mean, I know what to do eventually when they take me to bed, but getting there is really really hard for me! I just stammer and twiddle my toe in the dust. I wish I didn’t come off so standoffish. I need to practice asking girls out.

I did try asking girls out on Plenty Of Fish, or just making conversation anyway, but no one replied to my messages. REJECTED! Maybe I should put up a photo of myself that doesn’t have fangs in it. I just wanted to show off my goofy side!

I am so excited to sleep on the top half of my new bed! I hope Hermione doesn’t pee on it, she was very excited to jump about on it and we played “I’m gonna get you!” and she did that cute backwards jump several times. I love dogs. I just don’t like it when they pee on my bed. Especially NOT A NEW BED! :O

Mmmmmm, new mattress! So cozy! I’m excited. I have wanted a real grown up persons bed for a long time. I was fine with futons, but I yearned for more. Maybe I will ask a girl out soon and actually get a girlfriend who will come over for sleepovers! 😀

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