After a long period of thought and consideration, I have decided to apply to York after all, but not for Film Production, I am going to apply for Screenwriting. It’s supposedly the only MFA in screenwriting in Canada! I’ve been looking in to what to do about this one semester I got all F’s! It was because I basically just ran away from school and didn’t do any work because I was starting to go crazy, and then I dropped out and moved to Montreal, where I ended up in a psych ward. BLAH! Anyway, it’s really impacted all the other times I have applied to Masters programs, and I think it’s booted me out of being seriously considered for their programs. Luckily, York has a modified admissions process for people with mental health disabilities. I can write 500 words about my disability and how it impacted my grades, and include a letter from my psychiatrist. And so hopefully they will look at my grades outside of that one bad semester, because I did get good grades otherwise.

Anyway, as part of the screenwriting portfolio they want to see a feature screenplay, so I am going to include Bunnyhug! And for my thesis I can either write a feature or a television series. I’m thinking I am going to write a television series! I have the idea for it already! I’ve actually been thinking about this idea for a long time. It’s gonna be a comedy.

The reason I think I would do better in the screenwriting program is because I really like writing and I think I would have more fun honing my ability to tell a story than just learning how to make a film. They also have some production classes you can take in the screenwriting program anyway. And some Cinema and Media Studies classes. I think it would be a better fit with me.

Anyway, that is what I have been thinking about. I bought some sweet potatoes today, gonna make a pie! I’ve never made a sweet potato pie before, but I discovered I really like them, so I want to learn! I’m totally getting domestic these days! I ate some of my homemade freezer jam tonight, which was nice. Totally sucks how runny it is tho!

I’m doing alright with my sobriety from pot and drinking. It’s almost eight months for being weed free. And it will be four months or something without booze on the 18th. I should look into when I quit. Was it may? I have it on my facebook. I’m still struggling with quitting smoking, that seems to be the hardest one to quit. It’s pretty addictive, more so than the other ones I think.

So anyway, for my masters application, which is due in January, I have to get a scholarly article written, a portfolio of my videos, and a writing portfolio. I also need transcripts, a letter from my doctor, a statement of interest, and that 500 words about my disability. I’m going to apply for some scholarships and bursaries too. I will hopefully get something.

I’m just worried about moving to Toronto. I’ll need money to move, I’ll have to get a new iPhone because this one is locked to Sasktel, I’ll have to get my dog properly housetrained so he doesn’t pee on rugs, and I’ll have to find a decent place to live that isn’t crazy expensive, but is also in a nice neighborhood. I’m worried I won’t have enough money to live out there. I don’t know how much Little Pine pays for living allowance these days, but I am sure it’s not much, and my family can’t afford to support me this time. I might have to get a part time job or something. We’ll see what happens. A company I used to work for in Vancouver has another office in Toronto, I might be able to work there. It’s call centre work, blah! But that might be okay if it gets me a little bit of money to get through school for two years. And in my second year I can be a TA and make a little bit of money doing that. I think they get paid anyway.

My psychic told me in my first reading I had with her that I would move to Toronto, so it does seem likely that I will end up there. Just with the cultural events there alone there is so much happening. That would be really nice to be around, again. I do miss big city living sometimes.

I’ll miss my mom a lot though. We’re really close. It’s been nice living in the same city these last few years. And it’s been nice seeing my sister so much and my grandparents, I will miss that too! But I feel like I have some kind of destiny I have to fulfill.

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  1. This sounds sensible to me. Once you have a degree in writing you can attract, with your amazing scripts, people that can make the filmmaking part easier for you.

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