Worky work work

I’m working some shifts at the Jazzfest again this summer! 🙂 I’m trying to get five shifts, day shifts. I’d have to be there in the morning but I can do it! 😀 I forget how many shifts I did last year. I could check, hang on. Yep, five last year! So I think i can do it! 😀 It will give me about 380 to add to my moving/school fund.

And tomorrow I am going to Winnipeg for my show! 😀 I am bringing my videos on a USB, and I will have my laptop with me in case there is some error with the usb stick. I’m making money there too, they are giving me a SUPER NICE artist fee, and perdium and artist talk money I think. So I am gonna throw that into the moving/school fund too. I don’t know if I am getting artist fees from my distributors this summer. It would help, but I don’t remember what their schedules are for getting out artist fees. They used to do it twice a year, but I think one might have gone to once a year.

I will also get an artist fee when I do my performance in Regina. AND I am still waiting on some back GST from a couple of years. Which would be another 1000 or so.

Math. Blah! I am looking into doing Uhaul pods again. I think I MIGHT be able to get one here to go to Toronto. And then Mom and I would drive a bit of my stuff and the pups to Toronto.

The BEST thing though is something that is totally uncertain, BUT a friend knows someone who is looking for someone to rent her apartment for eight months starting in the middle of August, and it is pet friendly AND in my price range. AND I checked the neighborhood out through google maps and the trip planner on the transit website and I could get to school in about half an hour from there on the subway. So I really hope she gets in touch with me, I’d have to find another place in April but that’s ok, maybe by then a co-op will take me or something.

I haven’t heard from my band yet if they can fund me to go to school. The deadline was May 31st, so I am hoping that they make decisions soon. They funded me through my BFA, but ever since first nations education funds got capped there is less money available to get us educated. It’s totally a way to fuck us over. Keeping us in lower economic brackets and stuff. BLAH!

I’m nervous about going back to school. I hope I can keep up with my classes. If worse comes to worse I could go as a disabled student. But I really need to do fulltime classes, and I don’t know how disabled student status would affect my fellowship.

Anyway, it’s my last night until Saturday with my pups! I’m gonna hug and kiss them tonight. Mom’s become really attached to Posey. Today she joked that she wanted to start over with a new dog and I could have Hermione. I need to get Posey into puppy classes. She needs some obedience training, although she is a smart dog! She knows some basic commands already, like get inside, and come here, and stay.

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