Grades are In!

My lowest grade was a B, and then I got a B+, and an A-, and an A! My cumulative GPA is currently at about 3.52. Which means if I so chose I might be able to do a PhD!
However I am so done with school! I had such anxiety about not passing and having to do another semester and shell out another 3000 dollars AND get a loan for about 7000 and just digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole of debt. Oh man I wanted to cry! And I sent all these worried texts to friends and cousins and had a worried conversation with my mom.
BUT it all worked out!
SO as long as I stay on track with my thesis project I will be graduating this fall. I’m going to be defending my thesis (they prefer to call it an oral presentation) in July. SO by August 1st everything will be done! My advisor is going with some students for their RTA in LA program in August which is why I have to defend earlier. And I am pretty sure I will be ok.
I have no money! I am so poor! And it’s like, a temporary poverty, because at the end of this week money will be posted to my account. I just need to struggle long enough to make it!
I had a grilled cheese sandwich today to celebrate passing all my classes. If I had money I would have gone to the thai restaurant or something. BUT NO!! Oh well.
In July I will find out if I get a grant. I am really hoping I do! It would give me a nice leeway so that I can keep an eye out for a good job.
Posey and Little Mister are doing well. They were wrestling earlier. I should take them out soon! PUPS!
They have been making me feel better this whole past year, especially when things got rough. They are awesome cheerleaders!

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