Despair Should Be Kept Private and Brief

Well, I took the Census test. I think I did well. We will see! I’ve also applied for other jobs, some of which are more appealing than others. I applied for one today that would be totally awesome. I found out this job I had been told about got filled by someone who was already working for that place, SO it never got posted and I never officially got to apply! BUMMER! But it’s ok. Someone made me feel better about it so that was nice.

I have gotten more serious about my writing again. I’m SO CLOSE to being 1/3rd done my first draft of my script. I’ve been averaging 7-8 pages a day the last couple of days so it’s speeding along. And I am having fun with it. There’s more humour in it now than in the outline, which is good because it’s meant to be a comedy. I have a lot of stuff to write, there’s still the second draft of my ten webisodes for the Mars project, AND I have to finish up two short five minute scripts for my 2 Spirit Infomercials. But I’m able to squeeze writing into my daily life in a way I think I might be able to sustain when I have a full time job. So I feel good about all these tasks I have to finish for my career.

I finished Transparent, SO GOOD! Caught up again on How To Get Away With Murder, OMG! And just started Broad City right from Season One Episode One and it’s super funny so I’m gonna keep watching.

I have a friend who was awol from the internet and telephone contact for like, months. And at first I’m like “Oh yeah, she must be busy.” And then I started getting concerned! And then I’m like “Oh my god, is she in a pit in someone’s basement rubbing lotion on her skin???” So I used EVERY method of contacting her that I had, and after a few days of still nothing I was wondering if I should get my friend Shavonne who lives in the same city to swing by her place and knock on the door. BUT THEN she got back to me! And we’ve had a TWO HOUR phone call catching up on everything AND discussing in detail The Duke Of Burgundy, The Revenant, and Anomalisa. Mostly the Duke of Burgundy tho. AND ALSO shared some lengthy emails back and forth after that continuing to talk about crushes and tv shows and stuff. So it’s been really nice! I’m glad she still exists and that we can communicate again!

OH I’ve been telling everyone about BUNZ Trading Zone, because I finally did my first Bunz trade. I traded two transit tokens for a big Troll doll, a troll keychain, and a troll pencil topper! Finally I can go to Bingo! I bought a bingo scratch and win just on the off chance it would make me lucky, but I lost so I am going back to my scratchy-sobriety. I only let myself buy 649 and Lotto Max tickets now. Gambling harm reduction. Bunz is like, a big bartering group on Facebook for people in Toronto. I’ve belonged to it for a while but this was my first trade on it. So yay! Not a Bunz virgin anymore!

I was working on my taxes and it was very Up and Down. I seem to be owing money this year. Like, 2000 dollars. Maybe a little more. But my friend Irene pointed out with how much I made I would actually be owing almost twice as much if it wasn’t for all my deductions. So I feel better about it. And I know money will come my way again. It’s not so bad.

I need to get my taxes done soon for this subsidy I could get for my apartment. I wish I had a more reliable income. I don’t even want to talk about my money situation because someone (Werner Herzog?) said “Despair should be kept private and brief.”

So my financial despair will be kept as private as I can!

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