My infection is over!

Ha ha what a ridiculous post this is gonna be.

BY THE WAY if you want to see my posts about Palestine I’m mostly resharing posts in my Instagram stories and on my Facebook, so they are there in the world. Also on Twitter and Bluesky. But considering I am not there in Gaza, I feel it’s a better use of my social media space to reshare information like rallies and posts from people like Bisan. So this space is not really being used for that but I do want to let you know I am posting about it in case you only read me here and are wondering. Actually today a friend gave me some stickers for ceasefire so I’m going to try and put them out in the world. Although someone in my neighbourhood has been scraping off every poster asking for a ceasefire so it’s kind of pointless but you know, I will try!

Back to mundane things. I had this infection for almost as long as I have been transitioning, but I thought it was herpes. Like maybe because I was on hormones it was just flaring up all the time. FRIEND it was not herpes. It was some bacterial infection that didn’t get picked up in STI screening either. And my doctor just assumed it was herpes too because the symptoms were similar. BUT it never went away! Like, it might go away a bit but it would be back within 24 hours. I was terrified I had some kind of chronic herpes! BUT NO because this infectious disease doctor finally did swabs and it was negative for monkeypox (good because I had the mpox vaccine) and not herpes and not some other things but there was a culture that grew this bacteria that is normally found in the vagina. So he couldn’t say for sure that was what it was. And he did more swabs and gave me this HEAVY DUTY antibiotic for ten days. I had to start doing yogurt and probiotics because it did a number on me and made me poop myself once. I know TMI but maybe someone out there also has a mystery infection and needs this info.

But the antibiotic did work! And I am now infection free. So I can have a slutty sex life again which is a relief. I would have been having so much sex before but no! Infection time was the worst.

I think it wasn’t an STI, I think I got it from not washing my toys enough. I’ve since updated my cleaning procedures and vow to boil packers on a regular basis too.

Today was the first day I got to wear a sterilized packer again. I missed my dick! So it’s really nice having one again. And I also got to use a stroker for the first time the other day, although I think I need to get the hang of it and I’m unclear if I am too big for it or too small. Needs more practice. My dick is kind of tucked away so it’s hard to see what it’s doing without getting my phone out and using the camera on it, but I don’t have enough hands!

ANYWAY downstairs things are doing better. No more horrible feeling. No more being afraid of infecting people. I am gonna do my laundry today and just have a chill family day with my dogs. They are doing good, I’m still trying to figure out how to protect Posey from Todd because he has no manners. Right now she eats her fancy food in her crate with the door closed, because otherwise Todd tries to get it.

I almost forgot to do my T shot today! Normally I do it before Therapy, but Therapy is tomorrow because it’s Family day today. Anyway I just did it. I got to open a new vial of Testosterone, very exciting!

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