Tomorrow is my birthday! A long time ago someone told me birthdays were celebrations of oncoming death, which is a bit grim. But it does have a bit of a countdown quality to it. I will be 46! And I’m not anywhere super amazing this year because I couldn’t get my birth certificate in time to get a passport. I am in fact STILL waiting for my birth certificate. It could come today, but who knows! It’s been in the mail for like, nine days or something. That’s a LONG time! It’s supposed to take five to seven days to get national mail delivered, and Toronto is a big hub! Or Mississauga anyway, I know that’s where the big Canada Post mail place is around here because my packages always get to Mississauga first before going out for delivery.

ANYWAY before I get into my self indulgent blog post, here’s some links to send me birthday money or “I appreciate you” money or “Thank you for making weird shit for us all these years” money or whatever you want to call it.

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I got my COVID shot yesterday, so I am caught up again on my vaccine. I don’t really mind doing it every six months, it’s a lot though. I mean, I get a shot of testosterone every week now though, so it’s not like I’m never getting needles. It’s just like, wow we really have to do this forever I guess. Unless they made a universal vaccine I guess, that got all the variants.

It’s kind of disappointing that humanity couldn’t get it together to stop the virus being endemic. I guess that’s where we are now.

I was listening to an old psychic reading from 2020 before all the shit happened. And I was surprised to realize that the things she was talking about DID happen. On a bit of a longer timeline though, which makes me wonder if we’re destined for things to happen but sometimes the world slows it down because of current events. Like, some of that stuff didn’t become apparent until 2022. But I guess were already going into motion. Like she saw someone I was working with did not respond well to criticism and always took it as a personal attack, which became very very true. I didn’t know who she was talking about at the time, had no clue, thought it might have been someone else. But no it was this other person. There’s also this person she saw coming into my life who I think might have turned out to be my therapist, who I met and started working with later in 2020. That was really cool, I’m not totally sure she meant my therapist because she could hear an accent though and my therapist doesn’t really have one, or it’s similar to mine anyway so it doesn’t sound radically different. It could be another producer of mine though, which is also interesting. Either way this person was supposed to give me good advice and stuff and that’s true for both of those people.

She also saw me ending up spending winters at least in California, but like, in 20 years or so. Or maybe 15 years. In my 60s anyway. So who knows, maybe that is still in the cards! It was a tarot reading actually that this particular psychic did.

I should probably do a tarot reading for myself for this birthday, I used to read my cards all the time but I think they got annoyed because I just kept asking the same questions. But when I read for other people I can be pretty accurate sometimes, so maybe if I do a birthday reading it will be less annoying to my cards than when I was reading every day.

Ha ha omg one time I was reading my tarot cards about this Femme lover who dickmatized me and I got this card that had a goat masturbating on it. I was like wow what does that mean? Ha ha ha.

Anyway I hope I achieve great things in my 46th year, despite the odd adversary. I am making a new game this year about Repatriation! And I am developing a class! And hopefully directing a film! And finishing my short video about Transitioning! I’m hoping to get that done soon, I wanted to get a shot for it but I can’t until July, and I need to do things sooner if I want to submit to this particular documentary festival in Europe.

I was trying to get hookups this week but I think I might give up for a while. I’m just too busy, and these guys want to talk all the time because they are lonely. I need a wildly unbothered lover or two. Someone who doesn’t need attention EVERY DAY ALL DAY. I admit I used to be one of those sucky guys who needed constant attention. But not anymore!

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