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Carmilla The Lonely


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Carmilla Game Play March 2023 from TJ Cuthand on Vimeo.

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Project Description

I recorded a game play video of Carmilla The Lonely. The game still needs work. But a lot of things are working so you can see it in this preview video, narrated by yours truly with his new sexy deep voice ha ha. I have been having a good time working on this video, and when the code doesn’t work it usually at least makes me laugh. Lately I’m trying to trigger a sprite to follow the player, but instead it starts with the follow code already triggered so the player arrives and this rando sprite just slides on in to be a pest ha ha. But I feel like I will probably come up with a solution in the near future.

This video shows drinking blood, switching levels, talking to people, rushing through the maze at the end before the sun rises. It’s pretty cute. It also shows what happens if you kill someone.

THIS IS NOT AN ANIMATION! This is a video game. Just to make that clear again.

And hopefully after I am done and have my friends play test it, I will be able to release it on and then see who wants to actually play it.

I’ve basically been working on this close to full time for the last four months, and the Diner level isn’t in the video but it’s come a long way so hopefully the next time I do a game play video we can see that level and fool around in there. The best part though is the conversations and that’s something that is easier to get into when people interact with the game on their own.

I hope you enjoy it!

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