Don’t tell me I’m too sensitive because my emotions can be fragile, it’s part of my illness and my hide is as thick as it’s ever going to get.

Don’t tell me not to take my pills, I did all the holistic treatments for years and got little out of it but scars and dark nights.

Don’t make jokes about the crazies and then try to justify yourself by explaining that I am not crazy, I am, it could just as easily be me on the street.

Don’t discount my concerns or my ideas because of my illness, just because I have a brain that functions oddly from time to time doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Don’t tell me to suck it up and get over it, if I could have I would have, years ago.

Don’t assume I am weak because I get suicidal or manic, I have survived some of the most horrific moments that would convince a “normal” person to take their own life.

Don’t count me out of life or love.

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