Saskatoon Berries are NOT a novelty item

Today I heard the funniest news in a long time. It seems that Britain has decided it will no longer allow imports of Saskatoon berries because they don’t believe they are safe for human consumption, and in fact have classified them as a novelty item.

For those of you who have never eaten Saskatoons, they are one of the most supremely delicious berries around. They are somewhat similar to blueberries, but far sweeter and tangy-er. Blueberries are pretty bland once you’ve eaten a Saskatoon.

Being from Saskatoon myself, I spent many a summer picking Saskatoons with my mum and gramma, getting a purple tongue from skimming off the top of my little berry bucket. I was a pitiful berry gatherer because I ate so many. We used to make Saskatoon pie, oh my god, one of the yummiest pies in the world (next to nectarine pie). In fact, my mom is bringing me some Saskatoons when she comes to visit next.

A funny gourmet prairie fruit, the royals have even been proudly fed saskatoon based desserts. And of course my home town is obviously named after the berry, which has been devoured by us aboriginals for ages and ages.

And now it’s been called a novelty item. I’m shocked. I’m appalled. But you know, if Britain doesn’t want these lovely berries, I am willing to make the sacrifice of eating their share.

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