Type 2 Diabetes

I’m in trouble at work. Last night I suddenly felt all nauseous and disgustingly gross, felt like passing out or puking my brains out. Called in sick to work, but for some reason they didn’t get my message and are now mad at me for not coming in. Crap. I’m still waiting for my blood tests to come back, but I’m pretty sure I already know what the results will be. Type 2 Diabetes. It’s quite common among people with mood disorders. Some people say it’s connected to the disorder, some say it’s connected to the meds. But I have honestly had Type 2 symptoms for many years, even before I was on medication.

Another awful medical problem for me to worry about. I know so many people who have Type 2 Diabetes and manic depression. It’s unfair. I mean, if you have a mental health problem, that should be it. You should get a get out of jail free card from all the other awful health problems. But no, that’s not how life works.

Reading the list of symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes is like reading a menu of all the strange symptoms in my life. Being poor doesn’t help either, by not having any food to eat I put mysekf at risk of going into a diabetic coma. Sucks. This all sucks.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten my results back yet, and I am still learning what this all means for me. But my lifestyle is going to be changing this year, that’s one thing I know for sure.

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  1. you haven’t got the results yet, but it’s great that you’re wanting to make lifestyle changes. Think positive!! Stef

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