Gently Used Crappy Art for Sale

Being a blogger as opposed to a semi-anonymous diarist has changed my life in small ways. For one: I feel compelled to have a more interesting life than I currently lead, so that people reading these words won’t feel cheated out of a good time. On the other hand, I know that some people become these weird public figures by having a blog, column, or other publicly read/viewed series.

I’m anti-everything though. So because these people become semi-known individuals, because I could become one of THEM, I have decided to avoid an interesting life. Nope, I will not start having sexual romps that take on mythic proportions. I will not subject myself to situations which put my life in the hands of fate. I won’t eat worms, ew. I won’t carve reader’s names in my arms and sell the dirty bandages later. And you can’t buy my used underwear.

My gently used underwear.

Remember when things were gently used instead of secondhand?

However, I have been considering putting out a small t-shirt series. As in, the series will be small, not the t-shirts, unless you like that sort of thing. Proceeds go to me and my art practice, and to little Clive who looks so cute when he wants food. More info will be coming soon!

You wouldn’t want my underwear anyway, it’s full of holes and the elastic is starting to show. I have the most un-sexy underwear, I mean, they aren’t gramma gaunchies, but they’re pretty boring.

In other news, I am working on that new tape, tomorrow I get the camera and then the fun begins, I really hope that it turns out. I think that it will. Eeeee, a new tape, how exciting and nervous! I hope I don’t make crap. I’m always terrified of making crap, because it’s such an easy thing to do. Oops, who put that crappy art there? I did? Oh my gosh, how embarrassing. It’s this fine line between intelligent and crap. Eeeep!

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