I forgot my mood stabilizers

(and my anti-psychotics are running out)

Bleh, what a day. First I stepped on the g-damn fly strip that had fallen down a couple weeks ago and I never picked up. So I had fly strip stickiness all over my foot and leg. Then I had slept for twelve hours straight and was gonna be late for the bus, so I put on some old t-shirt and ran out the door to get to work. I get to work and realize number 1) My t-shirt is all linty, and number 2) I didn’t bring anything interesting to read in the moments between making phone calls. As it happened number 2 turned out to be a good thing, because the supervisors were cracking down on people reading. Working in call centres sucks ass, but hey, it sometimes pays the bills and that’s what counts.

Operation Emily Carr Registration is going horribly. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I called my family today to ask if they could help me out $$$-wise because I owe big money to ECIAD for tuition. They were sweet enough to help and called ECIAD and the cash was transferred in some magic telephone-credit card way. But then tonight when I got off work and went home to register, some NEW problem has cropped up. Anyway, apparently I am not allowed to register for classes still. I am wondering if they are secretly making up reasons for me to be unable to register. Maybe they don’t want crazy biracial bigendered freaks overrunning the institution. Or maybe I have fallen into the giant ass-crack of ECIAD.

So to cap off, I am a mess. I am quitting smoking AGAIN, for probably the 12 billionth time. I need to see my doc about getting more anti-psychotics. And some weird guy I once cybered just signed into MSN. Oh go away! Meh, I want it to be the weekend again!!

I think tomorrow I may go to ECIAD to get help registering. On the other hand maybe not. Maybe I should just phone. Urg, but I am on the telephone all day!!

Remember those Sesame Street aliens that came down and say “Yip yip yip yip yip, uh huh, uh huh, telephone, brrrrrring! brrrrrrrring!” That’s what working in a call centre is like.

But not nearly so cute.

This entry is pointless so there, it’s not going to change just to please you! 😛

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