My room’s a mess and I want beans

This is gonna be one of them silly blogs. A blog that has no defined purpose. My room is a mess and I am procrastinating on cleaning it. I have been procrastinating for about a month now. It is getting difficult to walk to the door from my bed or my computer. The rat says something has to be done, or he’s going to set fire to it. I don’t blame him. It is awful in here.

I’m hungry. I want weiners and beans. It’s my comfort food from growing up. What a great lunch. Mmm, weiners and beans!!! A friend of mine used to make fried baloney. Baloney is basically a flat uncooked hotdog.

Tonight is a show at Lick, Dance Magic Dance, brought to you by my lovely ex Tralala’s Gaylord productions. So if you are a queer in Vancouver with nothing to do tonight and no where to go, come down to Lick, door opens at 9 and show starts at 10. It’s 5 bucks to get in if you wear fantasy stuff, 8 bucks if you’re like me and got nothing good to put on.

Okay, this was a silly post, except for my totally non-obligatory promo for the Gaylord event. Oh yeah, which brings me to my other point that my friend Stef made the other day. She was all “How come nobody ever leaves you comments? Is it that they can’t leave a comment because it fucks up, or does nobody read your blog?” I have heard from at least four different people that they do read it. But it’s true, there are no comments here really. Who does read this blog? I wonder. Ooooh, it’s a mystery!!

Would the mystery readers please stand up, if only to prove Stef wrong?

Of course if you are shy don’t feel obliged. And BTW, you don’t need to be a fellow blogger to be able to leave a comment.

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