Dating and Mad Pride

So school has been taking up a lot of my time, along with keeping up with all my friends, and I haven’t had a chance to update as often. Anyway, I am sitting in a big mess, which I simply MUST clean up today. I did some of the readings I have to do for tomorrow’s class, and later on tonight I have to do a script analysis. So much work!

And in the middle of all of this, I have decided it’s time to leap headfirst into the dating pool again. I’ve been quasi available for a while, but I think part of me was too busy with me to be able to actually give anything to another person. And probably another part of my whole reluctance to date has to do with my weight gain from my medication, and wondering about when would be a good time to disclose my odd illness. People act wacky when they find out you are crazy.

Recently I ran into yet another old acquaintance who’s been relatively recently diagnosed with bipolar. It’s a growing trend. It made me kind of sad, because I think she’s really worried about the stigma.

Stigma is a sucky thing. And yet so many people who are really talented and lovely are bipolar, or another mental illness.

But then even I carry around some internalized stigma. This whole dating thing, for one thing. When do I say “Oh by the way, I am bipolar.” Is that going to keep women away from me? Will they make assumptions about how that impacts my life and therefore themselves? And finally, do I even want to date someone who has a narrow view of life, who demands impossible perfection?

Ugh, I still have this room to clean!! I should go do that now.

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