Teletbubi zurück Winker!

which means:

Someone who waves back at the teletubbies.

You Puffmutters can find more German insults at:

I am presently sick, ill, dead on my own two little feet. I’ve been drinking Buckley’s because I believe that something so foul tasting must have some medicinal purpose. Of course it could be just a ruse to get people to drink camphor gism. I’ve got this horrid cold I can’t seem to shake, all icky and blah. It felt like I had mucus coming out of every pore a couple days ago, now it’s down to a chronic cough and some dramatic looking sweats. I’m sure my roomies are horrified, considering all the gross sounds I was making on the weekend, and the fact that I pretty much laid around in bed the whole time.

Then today I took transit, feeling like a typhoid mary, me and my germ factory, touching all the handrails. I started feeling bad for all the strangers I was making sick, and then today I called a friend who’d borrowed money for beer. In a croaky voice she said “You made me sick.” Not even a hello. Oh, I felt like a terrible little germ factory. I just hope the wee little rat doesn’t get sick. Rats are terribly vulnerable to respiratory infections.

Anyway, I have been too ill to write and now I am off to Montreal. So the german insults will come in real handy, yeah right. Dammit. I should see if they have any french insults.

They do!!

“Sais-tu combien de temps ta mère prend pour chier? Neuf mois!”

Although “Léchez mon clito” would win me more dates.

Go find out what I just said.

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