“They’re really powerful”

he said, as he gave me a small handful of powdery mushrooms. Okay, whatever. It was halloween, and I didn’t think of it much. It was supposed to be good time night. And I guess I wasn’t really thinking that the last time little mushrooms had crossed my path, I wasn’t taking manic depression drugs, specifically Zyprexa.

“So an antipsychotic and a mushroom walk into a halloween party. . .”

And the first hour was okay, and so was the second, although I was starting to feel a little tripped out. Wacky. Slow and slipping into molasses. We go to a friend’s apartment for something to drink. Water. La la la. This is nice.

Then everything goes to black.

Waking up and my friends are shaking me asking me if I need an ambulance. I think of the hospital. I think of going crazy. I figure compliance is the best thing. “yes, that could be a good idea,” I concur. Some paramedics come. I list everything I’ve been on for the night. Beer. Antipsychotics. Pot. Mushrooms. Mood Stabilizers. Yep, my body’s one big old party. I still feel high. Stay calm stay calm. Whew. This bowtie is hot. Good thing I wasn’t wearing my new top hat when all this tragedy hit.

At the hospital time drags on. The nurse is dressed as a ghoul, another one is a princess. Some crazy people come in. Someone who was slipped a hallucinogen and is freaking out. Some guy got his arm broken and is screaming bloody murder. And two people have been stabbed.

Later on I also hear that Halloween is a big time for babies being stolen from hospitals. Weird.

I’m feeling better, but the hours drag on until it’s 7:30 in the morning. Grey light filters onto the street as I leave the hospital, vowing to never again mix an anti-psychotic with a hallucinogen.


So they voted for Bush. And the world throws it’s hands up in exasperation. I don’t even know what to say, but I feel I should post something. Nah. We all know what it means, more freakin’ wars, more desperate imperialism for oil. Blah.

Yesterday I bought a persian carpet for only twenty bucks. Woo! It’s a bit dirty, I have to find a place to clean it up for me, but at least now I have a rug, which I have needed for a while. Ugh! I really have to clean my room AND write a paper and figure out my presentation of Stanislavsky. Blah.

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