Is Bush The Antichrist?

Come on, you know you’ve suspected it. You’ve probably heard the reptilian shapeshifting rumours. Or read some Nostradamous quatrain. Well here’s some ridiculous Bush links, all to help fuel you for a day of fun Bush Bashing.

George Bush Is The Antichrist!

The only problem with this site is the annoying dramatic music which you cannot turn off. I recommend it only for serious conspiracy buffs, and to read it with your computer sound turned off, or you will go slowly nuts.

George Bush: Mistaken

When asked during a press conference if he had made any mistakes, Bush couldn’t recall. So this person made a video to help jog his memory.

The Pope Fears Bush is the Antichrist!

Self explanatory.

Bush Is Lord

A hilarious send up of Bush’s messianic delusions. Note the press photos of him as Jesus.


Condi Rice is Angry

All the angry photos of Condoleeza Rice.

Happy surfing!

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