A Bold New Adventure

This little artist is planning and plotting. This little artist is behind in her homework. Spank her!

I am on the hunt for not Red October, but some new digs. And I don’t mean digging a nuclear bunker in someone’s backyard. Just a nice little shell for a hermit crab like me to fester away, occasionally spitting out art. A home where I can decorate things my way. Someplace I can smoke.

Although I am in the process of quitting.

Quitters never . . . I don’t know the rest of that saying.

It is late at night and I am at the corner store again.

I need the internet dammit. It’s my lifeblood!

I am planning a video about figure skaters. Well, not about them really, just about a weird rite of passage figure skaters go through. It should be interesting.

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. But I think I may have found a home.

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