It is a holiday

Brr it’s cold in here. Hmm, just picked at my hangnails. I was wanting to write something really amazing, but there’s not much to write about. It is a holiday after all. I have to pee. Watch the creative process unfold before your eyes!
Not that peeing is creative, although it does eliminate waste from one’s body.
I meant more as in, watch me ramble through ideas for a few paragraphs before ending today’s blog.
I had a pot brownie last night and watched Boogie Nights. That film is intense for so many reasons.
I like intense films. Some people don’t, some people get really annoyed by intensity, for personal reasons. I understand that I suppose. As long as they don’t impose their viewing choices on me.
I’ve decided not to finish writing today’s blog. It is a holiday, after all. Supposedly 2000 years ago a religious figure was nailed to some wood and left to die, which he did, and then everyone could point and say “see, he’s not the son of God.” Then he woke up on Sunday and let some dude named Thomas stick his finger in his wound. If that had happened today we’d expect him to wear latex gloves.
So the moral of the story is, always carry around some latex. You never know when you’ll want to stick your hand in someone.

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