Launch of the Fit of Pique Zine: Coming soon!

The first issue of the paper Fit of Pique zine has finally arrived! There’s things about it I would change, given the chance and the time, but overall I am pretty happy with it. Finally after about four years the Bottom’s Manifesto has been set into print, and even though it’s been published in another zine, the short true story I Could Kill Myself With My Panties has a really nice section, complete with illustrations. I even dug up an old short lesbian vampire story.

So if you are looking to trade or buy the zine, it’s 3 bucks plus the cost of mailing it (I don’t have an estimate for that yet). Email me and I’ll give you the address to send cheques to, or wait around a while longer while I find a distributor. fanggrrl @ excite . com (without spaces, I’m just trying to fool the roving spambots)

That was pretty much my day, copying and folding and looking for an appropriate stapler.

The class in which this zine was created will be having a launch/opening of all the students work. I will keep you updated on the wheres and whens. It’s a great chance to broaden or begin your zine collection.

Close friends: You’ll be getting your copies soon!

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