You, you’re Uninvited

My short film Anhedonia is screening at this year’s Uninvited Film Festival in Paris. Ah, Paris. I would kind of like to go. I haven’t been to Paris in ages, and I wonder if I would like it more going there without a broken heart. It’s such a great city to walk around in, not to mention the sheer plethora of art that is exhibited there. Last time I went the Pompidou was in mass renovations, so I didn’t get to see it. I did, however, get to see the Louvre. I remember seeing this great sculpture of an intersexed person, I think it was Roman. I was looking at it and this guy pointed at it and started gesturing wildly and hissing bad french words I was glad to not understand.

I also saw a painting by David of the Sabine Women. The story is “We are in the early days of Roman history. The Romans have abducted the daughters of their neighbors, the Sabines. To avenge this abduction, the Sabines attacked Rome, although not immediately–since Hersilia, the daughter of Tatius, the leader of the Sabines, had been married to Romulus, the Roman leader, and then had two children by him in the interim. Here we see Hersilia between her father and husband as she adjures the warriors on both sides not to take wives away from their husbands or mothers away from their children. The other Sabine Women join in her exhortations.”

I remember the painting was huge, bigger than it seemed in art history class. I looked into the haunted eyes of the children stuck in the middle of the battle and it reminded me of how I felt as a biracial person. I nearly cried. It never made me feel so emotional when I saw the slides of it.

I wonder if I could get a travel grant to go.

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