Filling the blank computer snow

Why am I writing so much? Could it be hypergraphia, the need to write constantly? No, I’m just in the middle of doing research and creative writing gives me a bit of a rest. Actually, it’s late, I should quit while I’m ahead. I got a lot of work done today, considering I got stoned and watched Robocop while dyeing my friend’s hair. I hadn’t seen that movie in years. That big robot that shoots up that guy scares me, I mean the giant robot, not Robocop. What a freakin intense boy film. We should have watched something funnier.

I’m tired, but wired, the worst kind of feeling to have this late at night. I think sitting at a computer screen does something to your body. Kinda poops out your eyes.

That’s a really weird image, now that I think of it, someone pooping out eyes. Sounds like something Bataille would write.

Eye poops, is there no dignity?

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