Burning Down the House

Maybe I’m playing psychiatrist, but I’ve recently noted a bizarre fixation/fear with the idea of all my possessions going up in smoke, burning our lovely building. I’ve often wondered if this obsession is some OCD symptoms coming up that hasn’t been previously diagnosed.

So you can imagine it was a shock for me to come home to four fire trucks pulling into the front of my building, along with a stray City TV news van, two ambulances, and one police car. I was so sure it had happened, my apartment was a flaming wreck, goodbye computer, goodbye clothes, goodbye mice, goodbye Clive. Roasted alive so sad. And then I see my friend from down the hall. Turns out it was some guy burning things on his stove, and firemen kept going in and out of the building because he wouldn’t let them in.

Crisis averted.

But what a mean trick for the universe to play on anxiety-ridden me.

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