Having a psychiatric disability is a little confusing at times. I got accommodations at school for my sudden decent into craziness brought on by some stress, but it has made me feel all weird. I’m really glad I got it, I don’t think I would be able to graduate if I hadn’t. But I was so scared to ask for it, so humiliated by the fact that my illness has once again inturrupted my life.

But as I think about it, what am I so ashamed of? Is it being bipolar? Not being able to be grand master student? I think sometimes people with disabilities (and not necessarily psychiatric ones) are made to feel guilty about the things we need to get through the world.

I will not feel guilty for being crazy. Whew.

Graduation is coming up fast, May 7 I will be walking up onto a stage in front of thousands of eciad students and family/friends that I don’t know. And mum will be there. And I’ll get to grab my degree and hang out with mom and I want to drag her off to see The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman. Mmmm, Nicole Kidman, I wish she still had red hair. Her Moulin Rouge hair was the best.

I still can’t quite believe that I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree finally! Maybe I’ll get to stop being a bachelor soon. Although I’ve grown tragically accustomed to the bachelor lifestyle.

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