Nearly there . . .

I met with the prof of the class I was really concerned about passing. We actually had a really good meeting. She told me my attendance was appalling, and I knew that to be true. In fact, it’s the worst attendance I’ve had ever. But she liked my paper, and was even going to keep it for future students to read. That was really great, because I had felt like my paper was so shitty while I wrote it. I guess I was hard on myself. Anyway, basically all it means is that I’m graduating! Yippee!

We also talked about grad school, and she asked why I wanted to go, and told me now the marks they want are 3.5 GPA’s, and mine is hovering at a meager 2.974. But she said I could get into grad school if I made a larger body of work, and making my feature will really help. So, looks like that’s the plan.

Back to Bunnyhug. It will be really nice to write my script again. I like living in a fantasy world part of the time, I guess that’s why I’m an artist. And slowly my characters are starting to develop lives of their own. I’m also really happy about my script right now because a stronger structure is coming into form, whereas before I had really started writing blindly. Anyway, the deadline for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab is coming up in February, so I’m going to submit my script and see if they’ll take me.

Wow, so soon I will walk across the stage and get a degree. It seemed like it would never happen.

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