Time seems to be seeping

Okay, I know how hokey this may sound, an aboriginal talking about her dreams and what it means. But I’m telling you, I think time is slipping backwards into my dreams. For the past year, and with increasing frequency, I’ve been dreaming things before they happen. Strange things. Like the tsunami. I had a dream about being in a building with a tsunami rushing in. And then two months later it happened. But now I’m getting more and more little snippets of the future, really vague simple stuff. Nothing like “The world will end at two pm and I will be eating a pink donut!” But stuff like this pipe, a sort of sherlock holmes pipe, then the next two days I saw the exact pipe in two different television shows.

Time is a funny entity. It loops, it can split off into two or more timelines, it can go backwards and forwards. I would really like to experiment more with time in my films.

In my dreams at least, future images are showing up like clues. So bizarre. And I keep falling asleep at regular hours. How weird is that?

Work is aggreeing with me so far, I’m remembering how to do it. First day, I’ll get better. I just wish people weren’t so hostile.

Hmm, why are we so hostile to strangers doing a job? And to strangers who can’t find a job. You can’t win, someone’s going to be mean to you no matter what you do.

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