How much is that doggie in the window?

I think there are several motivating factors in my life that are leading me to pick a dog for my next pet. For one thing, while the sugar gliders were a cute idea, I’m not too fond of something large and fuzzy leaping onto my face while I’m puttering around the apartment. Plus I would need to feed them monkey food, and I don’t know about your pet store, but mine do not sell monkey food.

Plus, I want to commit to something. I want to say “Okay, I’ll deal with your shit, as long as you give me unconditional love and devotion.” And besides that I’m having weird biological clock ticking and maybe with a dog I could focus all my mothering needs on it. I don’t think I would dress it up though, that’s just a bit weird.

So I’ve been online window shopping for miniature dachshunds.

What else have I been up to? Oh yeah, I watched Rob and Amber Get Married. Boooooring! Where was the tension? It was a disappointment.

Next blog: Will she wake up in time to look for a job? Will her phone ever get reconnected? Will the mess ever be clean!? Stay tuned . . .