Never expected to feel like this

It’s day 6 of not smoking. While I’ve pissed out all the nicotine 3 days ago, I am still going through hell! I can’t sleep because suddenly my body’s getting twice the caffiene it normally gets. As a smoker I’m used to having a high tolerance for the stuff, but no more! I’m moody, I’m crabby, I have cravings and then ignore them. I’m breaking out in big zits all over my chin, and I’m coughing up phlegm. The whole things is pretty disgusting, and I feel like a crazy person. I guess I had never realized how toxic it was.

It’s horrendous agony and I don’t remember quitting the last time being so difficult. I almost had a smoke just so I’d get a decent sleep, instead of wrestling around with the duvet, getting a slick sheen of desperate sweat. Thrashing around and watching the sun come up.

But today I had to run for the bus, and I didn’t get out of breath.

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