Born Nerdly. Since 1978.

Believe it or not, there was a time when I was a bit shy of technology. I was so anxious, I was sure if I touched it I would break it.

But geekness overcomes all.

I’m pretty comfortable learning tech stuff now, which is maybe why I had so much fun learning PowerPoint for the last three hours. I haven’t learned a new program in such a long time. I love learning them, it’s like doing a puzzle. It uses my brain in this completely fulfilling way. Anyway, I still have to learn Excel, which won’t be as much fun I’m sure. I mean, slotting things in boxes, eh. At least PowerPoint is kind of a narrative medium.

I learned it by going back and forth between my PowerPoint program and an online text tutorial. I’ve never done online tutorials before, except for website programming. Damn, I should do some refresher courses in websites, I haven’t made one in ages.

I’ve heard a rumour in the arts community that Arts Councils are going to start asking artists to submit their grant applications in an electronic form, ie PowerPoint. Soooo, anyone writing grants may as well learn the silly program now. It’s really simple, and you can do some pretty funny things with it.

Excel. Le sigh. I wish I was learning something more fun. Oh well, it’s an employable skill to have, may as well learn it too.

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  1. My Mom is very proud of her PowerPointAbility. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one she’s made tho. Her computer skills don’t extend to her being able to send me one. : )

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