In Search of Femmes

Sometimes straight people are exceedingly stupid.

My last girlfriend and I were making out in front of a Scotiabank security camera, my eyes were peeking at what we looked like, tongues slipping and sliding inside girl mouths, when I heard a surprised man’s voice say “Thirza?”

It was some guy from school.

“She’s not gay,” he said of my sweetie, the woman I had just been macking on, the lady with dildos and harnesses and whips and lesbian porn in her bedroom.

“Well, no, she’s bisexual,” I said.

“No, she’s straight.” He was convinced. No way a girl could be that feminine and enjoy the company of other women, much less a rather masculine woman.

Some would argue that queer people are just as stupid. I think I have mentioned before the prevalance of dykes who shun uber-femme women in the community. I can’t tell you how many of my lovers told me their pissed off stories about being given dirty looks or ignored outright by card carrying homos.

It does make for some awkward moments, being a butch who likes femmes, who especially likes bisexuals, to carefully choose who is safe to make the moves on. And it’s true, in my life there have been many gorgeous femmes who turned out to be straight girls. But that doesn’t mean every well coiffed lady is straight as an arrow.

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  1. I was trying to explain that there are alot of lipstick lesbians in Van to a friend of mine but she refuses to believe there are any…she operates under the assumption that if you are pretty you can’t be queer

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