Filthy Lady

I was plodding to the bath to wash away the day. My landlord was making the Canada Day rent rounds. I gave him rent money, then he said “The Fire and Health Inspectors came to the building last month.”
“Oh,” I say very innocently. Shit shit shit, that was just before the Big Clean of 2005. That was when I could barely make it from my bed to the door. It was awful, and the mice were having some kind of carnival in my boxes.
“Your apartment was filthy.”
“I know, I’ve cleaned since then.”
“I have to inspect it again next month.”
Sigh. What I hate is that these “inspections” so far haven’t come with any warning. I know bc tenants rights have changed with the Campbell government, but I don’t know if the old rule that you had to give 24 hours notice still stands. For all I know he could drop in any time he feels like it. Like a Santa Claus with no presents.
But I’m embarrassed that he saw my apartment when it was at it’s all-time worst.
At the same time, I am glad a lot of other tenants in the building have mental illnesses, so he doesn’t turf you out right away or scream or anything. He’s pretty decent overall.

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