Boy – Pain in the Ass (Part 2)

We were prepped, we were ready. The needle was fearsome. My friend let me hold it for a while before he wielded against my bare bum. 50mg of depo-testosterone, all that kaffufle and it just came down to this ridiculously benign looking amber fluid.

We went to his bedroom, where I bared my butt and got into position.

Deep breaths. He had a very nice bedside manner.

“Aaaah! I”m nervous!” It reminded me of my trips to the piercer, that nervous energy that crawls into the palms of your hands and tickles like you gotta pee right now.

“Have you ever done play piercing?”

“Yeah, just surface stuff on my arms.”

“Well this won’t even hurt as much as that because it’s only breaking the skin once and it’s coming out the same way.”

We did some more deep breathing.

Then I was ready.

It was a sharp pinch, and then it was over. I thought an intramuscular injection would hurt a lot more, but it didn’t really. I’m sure if I had to do it every two weeks I would think it stinks though. I felt a bit giddy, general euphoria. I had done it, there it was, it was in my system. Who knew what the next two weeks would hold for me?

One of the first effects I noticed was a tingling in my crotch, not a I have To Pee tingle, more, I dunno, a This Turns Me On tingle. Not quite, but that’s the closest I can describe it. And I felt my body temperature rise. My hands seemed warmer.

And yet, the sky didn’t fall. Later on when my friend’s boyfriend kept wanting to watch boxing on tv, I didn’t connect with it because of boy-hormones. I mean, essentially I feel pretty much the same as I did before.

Another friend got a shot, she called me up today and asked if my clit was throbbing, which it isn’t really, but I have only been awake for a short amount of time.

I’m excited to see how this works for the next couple of weeks it’s in my system.

********I have a phone again! A friend is lending me her ancient cell phone so now the temp agency can get in touch with me, and people can ask me out on dates. Ask me out on a date while the T makes me horny!********

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