Boy – Part 3 TMI

************Do not read if you don’t want to hear about testosterone’s effects on clits********************
The two weeks is up, I do not have a mustache, I am beyond the hot flashes and higher body temperature. I am still not planning to transition into a man. However the one thing I was hoping for has happened. My clit got bigger. I am probably exaggerating, but it feels twice as big as it was before. For a masculine little dude girl, this is an exciting development. My sensation even feels slightly different, which is awfully cool.

Did my sex drive go up? Nah, not a whole lot, I’m fairly concupiscent as it is. That’s a fancy word for horny, yes it is.

Either way, the whole experience has left me feeling more comfortable in my body as it is. I consider it another form of body modification that I’ve chosen. Apparently it will stay the same size, unless I opt for further hormone treatments, in which case it will get bigger, but that whole body hair lowered voice thing scares me.

I like being a lesbian boy the best. All these parts of mine are nice, and I want to keep them as they are.

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  1. my girlie parts are still all tender and when I went to the Dr. today and asked about the T related effects he just dismissed my concerns!! What a jerk!! I want to know when I can expect my clit to go back to normal!! I’m sick of it being all weirdo on me!!!!!

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