Job Hunting and Gathering

“A BFA, what kind of a job can you get with that?” my cousin scoffed.

It is true, BFA’s, or as they are affectionately known, “Bachelor of Fuck All”‘s, are a whole lot of work with dubious credentials at the end. But surely a major in Film/Video must add up to something. Dear god, all that learning how to use equipment I could not afford.

Anyway, there’s a job opening as a technician at ECI. Which is a bit ridiculous, going back and working for the school I graduated from. On the other hand, I was taught how to use all their gear, and I was a technician intern.

My protein sources are sad. I need to buy some groceries. My potatoes are all rotten. And I need to take out the garbage.

I had a long nap today.

Recently I had a nightmare I was trying to move into a new place and everytime I was moving in I would find dead murdered bodies everywhere, I was screaming and running away, eee. Finally I told my friend who was helping me find a new house NO MORE MURDERED PEOPLE. Strange dream.

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  1. Though I guess everyone who’s murdered is dead aren’t they? My sincere apologies for the redundancy.

    Really though, bodies everywhere, all bloody all over the walls and blood in the matresses and gore, ugh. I think I’ve been watching too much CSI.

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