Secrets and Rants

Hi, my Netscape is being a big jerk and won’t let me sign in, so I am on Safari. Anyway, I found a blog you all might be interested in. It’s called Post Secret and it’s a collection of mail art made by anonymous folks who tell a secret about themselves. Some are funny, some are sad, it’s updated every Sunday with new secrets.

I made a secret card to mail in this week.

And now for a rant.

So I spent a few hours cruising around Livejournal looking -seeking- for another community I would actually want to be a part of. But all the bipolar communities are full of whingers and all the lesbian communities seem composed of newly out lesbians still raging about how their families just don’t understand. I’m twenty-seven and I’ve been openly a homo for thirteen years, so this is all quite redundant to me. God, I’ve been through being an out homo in high school IN SASKATCHEWAN no less, and I hate listening to twenty-somethings who have just come out whine about oh, my mum’s an ass, and wah wah wah, and I just wanna say yeah, thanks a lot.

Thanks for being the homophobic twat who slammed me in high school to protect your reputation and then later when your hankering for pussy gets the best of you, now you want in the community. Well fuck you. I have nothing but contempt for homos who are too shit scared to be who they are when they’re a teenager. Thanks a bunch for leaving me and many other queer kids in the lurch, looking for allies and finding nothing. Sorry, that’s just my mood today. I know it’s scary to be a queer teen, but fucking christ, I did it in the Canadian equivalent of the Midwest so fuck you. And when you’re in your twenties you have way more options opened up for being in the queer community, so quit your whinging and go to a support group or a rally or a bar or something.

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