God bless ’em. I’ve spent nearly half my life proudly being lesbian. Then some questioning years, related to gender. Now it’s an identity I feel oddly at ease with all over again. Like a well worn leather jacket. Yeeeah! Women rock my world. They really do. Nothing makes me feel more electrified than feminine flirtatious energy. I love butch/femme identities and sexual frission. I love that my town is filled with brazen leatherdykes who love sticking needles all over their bodies. I love belonging to a sub culture. I love being a lesbian.

I want to write something in honour of all the lesbians I have known who have supported me and paved the way for me to be. And yet, thinking of all the wildly talented and hot women I know across Canada, I find it hard to express how truly blessed I have been to have them in my lives.

Instead, I present to you a montage of my top ten favorite lesbian moments in my life.

1. Riding the back of a butch dyke’s motorcycle through the streets of San Francisco one hot summer night.
2. The first time a woman’s breasts pressed against mine and I realized I loved female flesh.
3. Losing my virginity to the most gorgeous bisexual in grade 11.
4. Getting shy and flustered when Kate Bornstien liked my hair.
5. Getting shy and flustered when I first saw Annie Sprinkle in real life.
6. Butches bonding over fatty fried foods.
7. The time my vegan lover asked me in the middle of the night if I ate bacon.
8. Kissing a reluctant older butch in a courtyard in Germany.
9. Having romantic baths with my femme girlfriend who actually didn’t like baths and would always end up laying naked on the floor talking to me. Actually now that I think about it that was kind of weird.
10. Having meaningless sex with an ex for the purposes of art. Actually it was really fun but I was never allowed to tell her that.

Lesbians. God bless ’em.

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  1. I was passing through and wanted to give you a hell yea.!Although im not a lesbian myself,,(,yes I am one of the greedy folks:) Females are quite yummy….) i do know the struggle that you and many others go through trying to reach the point you are at….exceptance of who you are and happiness with it,,,,I watched my mother go through it all,,,and she is the most awesome little lesbian ever:) just wanted to say,,,im glad you found it girl:) woohoo and rock on….mellokello

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