Mmm, kissin’

I went out last night, got wasted, and necked with two girls and a boy while their friends took pictures. Much fun. I haven’t kissed girls in ages, and it’s kind of nice to neck when there’s no pressure about going “all the way.” Plus I look freakin hot necking with girls. I’ve never had the chance to look at it from an outside perspective. Oh wait, I necked with one of my friends on Super 8, but I never used the footage. It was pretty funny.

I like kissing. I believe I must get more kisses in my life. I used to kiss so many people when I was in my early twenties. I could neck at the drop of a hat. Most of the time I didn’t even care to go further, and neither did they, it was just a fun thing to do when you’re at . . . certain events. Like fetish parties. There was this one friend I had who was so hot, and we totally necked here and there.

I remember this one time she was helping me get ready for my bartenders exam, and if I recited the recipes wrong she’d flick my nipple REALLY HARD! Ah, good times.

I must admit, if I look at the people who are my close friends now, I’ve necked with most of them at some point in the course of our friendships. Or else they were my lovers and then in true lesbian fashion went on to be friends after the break up. Sometimes . . . long after the break up. It’s hard to remain friends with someone you still desperately want to shag, but I find if there’s a nice chunk of time away from them where you get to work through all those bitter feelings, it can work. I mean, all of my girlfriends have been people I like as individuals for different reasons, so in some way I don’t see the point of completely cutting them out of my life based solely on the fact that the relationship wasn’t working out.

Yes, I am a mature experienced woman.

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