Life is strange

Yes it is. I’m having a sort of spiritual crisis at the moment, a result of deciding to walk away from a very long and intense friendship which was stagnant. I know it was a positive decision, but the negative fallout from walking away (including having my dead pet put on my apartment doorknob and which was stolen before I could reach him) has left me feeling shaken. I want to be able to have the ability to love and forgive, but hurtful actions are difficult to heal from.

Maybe I used to think that in order to truly forgive someone, you had to allow them in your life, even if they were severely limiting your ability to live in peace and love. Now I realize this isn’t the case, you can care deeply about someone and still put up big boundaries that mean they can never hurt you again. Sometimes people are just too negative to allow them to influence your life anymore. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to tell them goodbye.

Aside from that, I have been reading a lot of stuff on Near Death Experiences. Quite fascinating. I must admit, it makes me quite homesick for a spiritual land far far away. But dammit, I’m supposed to be here, doing my thing.

I’m also considering moving. To either Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Ontario. Of course, I probably won’t, yet. Still, there is a creepy feeling pervading me that this isn’t where I should be calling home. I’m really unsure. Too many questions.

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  1. I like Winnipeg…

    (ps I can’t help but agree with your mom that you could apply for Miles’s job at paved when he leaves in a few months, if you haven’t found something else by then…)

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